Process Books for Senior Thesis

My senior collection is a project that is very close to my heart………literally. 

This past year marked two very significant dates in my life. First my 34th birthday, a day I had been anticipating for almost 20 years. This birthday marked the day I turned the same age as my mother when she passed. 

ALSO this year marked the 20th anniversary of my mother's passing from heart disease.

With these two dates falling right in the middle of this incredible year of finding myself and who I am as a designer, I knew that I must create my collection in honor of my mother. And use this collection to raise awareness for heart disease.

Creating custom textiles is where I began and ended the inspiration for my collection. I knew I wanted to focus on the heart and finding a way to create the very intricate and organic veins of a heart on fabric. I discovered a resist process after doing many hours of research, with this process I was able to create an amazing print. Establishing depth through the use of textiles was very important, this lead me to also doing hours of embroidery to add more texture to the final collection. 

And finally the last textile that was of utmost important was the use of denim. After looking through lots photos of my mother for inspiration, I noticed denim had always been a staple in her wardrobe from a very young age. And then realizing just how much I too loved denim, lead me to bringing all these textiles together. 


Photographer | Kara Reichart

Models | Sawyer Greenberg, Jessica Daly and Niyna Spellman

Stylist | Abbey Eilermann

Make-up | Alison Wild